In a nutshell, my goal here is to review every Sonic the Hedgehog comic book published by Archie Comics. I want to provide entertaining and insightful reviews that can both stand on their own and provide insight into the greater picture of the comic at large.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • With each review you’ll most likely see a few images from the actual comic. However, I don’t want this blog to become a place to request full-issue scans or downloads or anything; if you like the comic so much, feel free to purchase some issues. This blog isn’t intended to infringe on copyright.
  • I’ll be primarily concerned with the writing and, most of the time, the art. I won’t pretend to be an expert on comic elements like inking, coloring, and lettering; I don’t want to undersell their importance to the story, but I don’t feel like it’s fair if I give an uninformed opinion on them.
  • I also won’t pretend to know the difference between what the writer has written and what the editor has decreed. Several times I’ve seen comic writers defend plots they’ve been blamed for as being editorial mandates. The problem with this is that it’s impossible to tell the difference, so just know that if I falsely accuse a writer of poor plotting when the editor was the one who forced it to be that way, my apologies.
  • I’m not big into the Sonic games themselves. I grew up playing the Genesis titles, but I don’t know much about the recent games beyond the plots they provide in the comic. I’ve always enjoyed the comic as it stands on its own accord, not because I enjoy other media it’s based on.
  • You need to be at least 13 years old to access WordPress. I think most 13-year-olds can handle a little language and sexual talk, so I won’t try to keep things strictly G-rated, but you won’t find me going on about really explicit things.